Gemini Cufflinks, Antiqued silver Zodiac Astrology Cufflinks, Other Signs also available

$19.00 USD

Gemini cufflinks for those birth dates between May 21 and June 20.  Other Zodiac cufflinks are also available.  These antiqued silver cufflinks are round shaped, one side featuring your choice of Zodiac sign and word reflect the signs. 

Measures approx. 3/4" long x 3/4" wide. Nice cufflinks for yourself or wedding, graduation, birthday and more. Your cufflinks are placed into a small gift box. 

Aries: ram; courageous; for birth dates between March 21 and April 19
Gemini: twins; intelligent; for birth dates between May 21 and June 20
Cancer: crab; imaginative; for birth dates between June 21 and July 22
Virgo: virgin; Practical; for birth dates between August 23 and September 22
Libra: scales;charming, for birth dates between September 23 and October 22
Scorpio: scorpion; passionate; for birth dates between October 23 & November 21
Sagittarius: archer; optimist; for birth dates between November 22 & December 21
Capricorn: goat; Ambitious; for birth dates between December 22 & January 19
Aquarius: water bearer; friendly; birth dates between January 20 & February 18
Pisces: fish; intuitive; for birth dates between February 19 and March 20

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